Price Guide

At Charter Wills, we understand that a Will is a very personal document and that it may be difficult to discuss your concerns and final plans for your estate. This is why we take the time to come to your home at your convenience to sit and talk with you about all your requirements, concerns and any other issues you might have – so that we can draw up your Will based on your own specific circumstances.

As we tailor each document to suit our clients’ individual needs, it is difficult to be precise about the exact cost of drawing up a Will. However, as a guide we have produced the following price list which we believe shows that our pricing strategy is highly competitive. Most importantly, we strive to achieve the total satisfaction of our clients at an affordable price.

For further details on prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Charter Wills. We will always quote an exact price to clients once we have met and established their requirements, without any obligation on your behalf.


Single Will

Double Will (two people)

Double Will incl. a Discretionary Will Trust

Double Will incl. a Property Preservation Trust

Will Storage

Lasting Powers of Attorney:
Financial and Property
Health and Welfare
(both of these fees are exclusive of the Office
of the Public Guardian fee of £82 per person)

Living Will

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

Probate Services

These prices all include our home-visit service.

All the fees quoted are inclusive of VAT at 20%
Price Guide

From £200.00

From £300.00

From £470.00

From £470.00

£20 per annum per Will

£240 per person
£240 per person

From £95

From £750

Minimum fee of £1500


Reason 1:

You can choose who will inherit your property, your money and your possessions

Reason 2:

You can appoint Guardians for young children

Reason 3:

You can even save tax after you die, to the benefit of your loved ones

Reason 4:

You can establish Trusts to protect young or less able beneficiaries

Reason 5:

You can plan for the care of family pets or leave money to charity

Reason 6:

You can protect the value of your home